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  • Axens
    Rueil Malmaison, France
    Axens is an international provider of high technology content processes, products and services to the refining, petrochemical and gas industries. In particular, Axens is recognized as a worldwide technology benchmark for clean fuels production, aromatics production and purification, conversion processes, sulphur recovery and natural gas treatment. For all these technologies Axens offers advanced process technologies and manufactures and supplies top performance catalysts.
    Wiesbaden, Germany
    HUGO PETERSEN GmbH offers as a process engineering company the full scope of plant engineering services in the field of gas cleaning, metallurgical off-gas treatment, spent acid decomposition, sulphur combustion with the aim to produce sulphuric acid, oleum, SO{2} SO{3}, sulphates and hydrochloric acid.
    Clichy, France
    SOFRECO is a leading company in engineering consultancy and technical support specialised in chemicals, fertilizers, mining and agribusiness. SOFRECO's major fields of activity are Phosphates and derivatives, Ammonium nitrate, complex and compound fertilisers Ammonia, urea, methanol and acids (sulphuric, phosphoric, nitric). Thanks to its extensive experience, SOFRECO is able to coordinate and implement multidisciplinary integrated actions providing support and assistance from the project identification to the Plant operation.
  • Fluor Corporation
    Aliso Viejo, United States of America
    Our experts at Fluor are experienced in all commercially proven sulphur technologies and have the knowledge to devise optimum solutions that cost effectively satisfy our clients’ environmental requirements. Fluor’s complete sulphur recovery services include a full range of services from initial feasibility studies through to construction and final start-up. We are a leading provider of sulphur plant technologies with more than 35 years of experience providing reliable, cost-effective solutions worldwide. Fluor’s technologies include COPE®, an oxygen-enrichment technology for increasing capacity and eliminating the need for expensive new sulphur recovery units (SRUs) and D’GAASS® for degassing liquid sulphur making it safer for storage, loading, and transport. We offer the following services: feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering design, and plant optimization and troubleshooting services working directly with operating companies as well as with engineering and construction firms.
  • Siirtec Nigi SpA
    Milan, Italy
    Siirtec Nigi is an engineering and contracting company operating worldwide. We primarily design and supply proprietary technologies, process plants and equipment for sulphur recovery units including acid gas enrichment, Claus, tail gas treating (HCR), oxygen-enriched Claus, degassing and incinerator units. We offer a wide range of services from basic design, FEED, detail engineering to project management, procurement, construction supervision and start-up. Facilities for the oil and gas field, NG and refinery gas treatment are other areas of business.
  • Acid Engineering & Consulting Inc
    Boca Raton, United States of America
  • Andean Minerals Development Company, Inc.
    Lakeland, United States of America
  • Aspen Technology, Inc.
    Bedford, United States of America
  • AVEVA Solutions Ltd
    Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd
    Muttenz, Switzerland
  • Desmet Ballestra SpA
    Milan, Italy
    Desmet Ballestra S.p.A. is active in a wide range of organic and inorganic chemical plant businesses, including Sulphuric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Fertilizers, Components for detergents formulations. Desmet Ballestra solutions range from in-house proprietary know-how to technologies licensed from world-class technology providers with whom long term agreements are in place. Services provided by Desmet Ballestra include: feasibility studies, basic and detail engineering, plant supply and field services, after sales services, (technical assistance at site, spare parts).
  • Hatch
    Mississauga, Canada
  • Hexagon PPM
    Madison, United States of America
  • Ludman Industries
    Milwaukee, United States of America
    Ludman Industries is your preferred global OEM manufacturer with over 50 years of experience building and maintaining Roll Compactors, Briquette Roll Presses, Roll Granulators, Roller Sizing Mills, Flaking Mills, Shredding Mills, and Flake Lump Breakers for KCL, Amsul, SOP, MOP, NPK, and micro nutrients with over 300 machines operating worldwide. We offer complete turnkey system solutions to produce granular fertilizer with industry leading technology, increased throughput capacity, rugged designs, and higher reliability and performance. Superior Products. Higher Yields.
  • McDermott International, Inc.
    Houston, United States of America
  • Outotec
    Oberursel, Germany
  • TechnipFMC
    Courbevoie, France
  • Wood
    South Jordan, United States of America
    Sulphur recovery has increasingly stringent environmental and fuel-product specifications, and Wood has advanced knowledge of this complex area of refining technology. Wood has extensive experience in process design and operations, providing our customers with industry-leading proprietary information and equipment design. Since the 1970s our technology has been used in all aspects of sulphur recovery and many of the designs we pioneered are still the industry standard today.

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