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Interface Focus

Themed issues covering cross-disciplinary research at the interface between the physical and life sciences
<p><b>Cover image</b><br />The image shows the kinds of organs and systems that can be simulated with computational biomedicine. These graphics are taken from the “Virtual Humans” IMAX film, produced by the CompBioMed Centre of Excellence (<a href="www.compbiomed.du">www.compbiomed.du</a>; with permission). Rendered on the MareNostrum supercomputer at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, the film shows how scientists can map and plan treatments in our bodies to determine the best therapeutic outcomes for each of us on a personal basis. The film can be viewed at <a href="www.compbiomed.eu/virtualhuman">www.compbiomed.eu/virtualhuman</a>.</p>

Current issue


Professor Russell Foster CBE FRS
Frequency: Bimonthly
ISSN (Online):2042-8901
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Interface Focus 1
Interface Focus 2

Aims and scope

Interface Focus

Each Interface Focus themed issue is devoted to a particular subject at the interface of the physical and life sciences. Formed of high-quality articles, they aim to facilitate cross-disciplinary research across this traditional divide by acting as a forum accessible to all. Topics may be newly emerging areas of research or dynamic aspects of more established fields.

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Interface Focus 3